More than 40 years serving the Armed Forces !


With years of experience and a proven flare for the job, T.O.E. Concept® has mastered the art of combining different skills to meet the needs of its customers. As designer, manufacturer and distributor, the family business goes back three generations and specialises in equipment, kit and professional accessories for Task Forces : the Army, Police Units, Private Security services and Firefighters.

équipement pour les armées Equipement pour les forces de l'ordre Equipement pour la sécurité privée Equipement pour sapeurs pompiers

Endurance, originality and quality are the key elements in the products available from T.O.E. Concept®, including the following brands:

  • T.O.E., equipment and accessories
  • MAGNUM, military combat boots
  • VEGA HOLSTERS, holsters
  • Etc...



Experts in their field

Developed using innovative techniques, the products from the T.O.E. Concept® range are praised for their endurance, especially in the most extreme conditions. In order to meet the desired technical requirements, they are designed with the close help of trained military professionals and regularly tested.

Finally, the design office at T.O.E. Concept® strives to satisfy every single customer need or carefully chooses the best external supplier for the job.

Manufacturing to the highest of standards

T.O.E. Concept® products are made in factories that use cutting-edge technology and that meet the most stringent current standards. The products are subject to strict inspection to check the specification has been followed down to the very last detail.

High-level reactivity

A warehouse of over 3000m² with every product in stock makes for a flexible and speedy service when processing orders (48 hours maximum).

Four specially designed websites

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The advantages of a structured network

A large retailer network all over Europe, but mostly in France, sells T.O.E. Concept® products.
T.O.E. Concept® develops a close and active partnership with its retailers through marketing tools and promotions with a strong impact : advertising, direct marketing, ads in professional magazines, stands at national and international trade shows.
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Dynamic communication tools

ARCADIS T.O.E. Concept® communicates with its customers through advertisements and articles in the French press including top professional magazines on the market whose target audience includes the Armed Forces and the Police: Raids, Pro-Sécurité, Cibles, Police Pro, Opérations Spéciales.

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