New Rations Under Study, Better Adapted to Special Forces

new rations under study

For Special Forces despatched, rations need to be light to carry, fast to cook and above all, taste delicious. In order for rations to better suit the needs of Special Forces on the field, a study is currently in place by the Army Commission.

The heating individual field rations (HIFR) are presented in a sturdy and watertight rectangular box. These boxes respect the NATO norms since one of them for a one-day operation needs to contain 3,200 calories from the main course and candies to the beverages.

Following the research of the Army Commission, it was decided to focus on this study which targets the development of new field rations for the Special Forces. The inspiration comes from the American concept First Strike Rations which were richer in high energetic power while being edible and drinkable on the move. The ration is going through a trial phase performed by the special land and air forces as well as the national navy. These rations have an energetic value of over 3,900 calories and contain products high in minerals, vitamins, and proteins. Designed in record time by the French HS (Human Support) branch, meant to help the forces deployed for outdoor operations, this ration has been a great success on the field.

Sources: DCSCA 
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