3 Reasons to Choose H3 TACTICAL Watches


The Task Forces have to work in extreme conditions where making a mistake is not an option. As their jobs require precision, performance and endurance, it seems logical that these professionals expect the same from their equipment. These same requirements have been at the heart of H3 Tactical developments for over 10 years. The internationally renowned watch manufacturer H3 Tactical offers its expertise to military, law enforcement and security personnel. To underline the excellence of the brand, T.O.E. Concept presents 3 reasons to choose H3 Tactical watches.

 1.      Swiss Made, a Guarantee of International Quality

When it comes to watches, no other label compares to the prestigious Swiss Made. These words alone evoke innovation, quality and reliability. The Swiss watchmaking reputation is, therefore, an undisputed asset of the H3 Tactical watches.

However, you have to earn the “Swiss Made” status. To have the honour of adding the Swiss Made logo to its brand, many criteria must be respected, subject to constant reinforcement by the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry (FH). Today, the Swiss Made watch must imperatively integrate a "Swiss movement" nested in Switzerland where the final control will take place. And finally, at least 60% of the cost must be generated in Switzerland.

To ensure that your watch complies with Swiss watchmaking standards, choose models with the Swiss Made symbol. To attest to the Swiss watchmaking quality, T.O.E Concept has added this logo to all the product sheets of the H3 Tactical watches such as the Raid Trooper Carbon.


 2.      An Exceptional Technique

Compliance with the coveted Swiss Made label allows H3 Tactical to offer a specific technicality in the field of intervention. Indeed, these watches are designed to resist on any terrain, whether at high altitude or up to 100 meters deep, or 10 ATM. The mechanism is also protected by a strong carbon fibre case which also completes the product's neat and modern appearance


In addition to their rugged robustness, these watches are equipped with essential functions such as the remarkably precise Swiss quartz movement.


H3 Tactical innovates once again by incorporating the Swiss Super-LumiNova® lighting system into its watches. Generating a luminosity 100 times more powerful than its competitors, the Super-LumiNova® proves to be a must for lighting. Pigments accumulate natural and artificial light to facilitate night-time readability for hours. Moreover, repeated charging and discharging cycles, even after decades, do not affect the brilliance of the pigments.


In addition, the Super-LumiNova® far exceeds its predecessor, the LumiNova®, particularly in terms of light intensity. The second generation of this lighting system is also distinguished by its composition. Indeed, Super-LumiNova®usesanon-toxicalundon, unlike LumiNova® which was composed of radioactive tritium.


Finally, in order to offer ever more tactical products, H3 Tactical equipped its watches with a stopwatch. Depending on their needs, the Intervention Forces may or may not be equipped with a watch incorporating this function.

 Trooper Carbon for the Légion Étrangère with stopwatch


 3.      Watches Designed by and for Task Forces

In order to guarantee optimal performance on all terrains, H3 Tactical puts its watches to rigorous tests such as the MIL-SPEC. Also known as MIL-STD ("Military Standards"), this standard was developed and implemented by the US Army. The MIL-SPEC tests recreate the extreme daily life of the Intervention Forces in order to test the resistance of the equipment. This standard now serves as an international standard.


Thanks to his years in the Swiss Army and Police, H3 Tactical crossed borders and became the official supplier of several intervention groups such as the Swiss, German and Irish Special Forces. H3 Tactical also equips law enforcement agencies in several European countries including Switzerland, Austria and Russia.



In short, H3 Tactical stands out for its compliance with renowned standards such as Swiss Made and MIL-SPEC. These certifications guarantee the end user that the watches that are reliable, robust and adapted to their needs. This technicality and the modern design of the H3 Tactical watches are the key elements particularly praised by the military, law enforcement professionals and security agents on an international scale.


Choosing H3 Tactical watches means making performance and quality your priorities!